Rhythmic Activities


Rhythmic Activities



Anupong Charoenmitr was selected for Cross Stitch, an exhibition for young artists initiated by the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (Bangkok, 2013). He has exhibited internationally i.e.Incubarte7 by LA Metro Gallery (Spain, 2015) and 5 MINUTES International Short Video Biennial by P74 Gallery (Slovenia,2015). He received 1stprizeat International Video Festival, Digital big scerrn, 2015 at Trbovlje New-Media (TNM), (Slovenia, 2015). and his work was a part of Bangkok Art Biennale2018| Beyond Bliss.

His work was selected as one of 10 finalists in the video section of tinternational ArteLaguna Prize (Italy, 2014), and was selected as one of 3 finalists in Digital/video section ofPrudential Eye Awards at Art Science Museum (Singapore, 2016). Anupong was awarded winner prize for the Artist residency of “Early Years 1: This order” by the Bangkok Art and Culture Center ZBACC, Bangkok, 2017). Currently he lectures full-time for the Visual Effects Department of the Faculty of Digital Art at Rangsit University in Bangkok,Thailand.


In presenting this work, it is an open area of the structure. By the specific area of the slaughterhouse. Is a model to see the complexity of “Power” in the horizontal. The metaphor shows power in the modern era to the present. It consists of space, time, body and activity. That use conditional rules as part of the control of behavior.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

Controlling people’s behavior through space design is a sub-element of the relationship with in the structural power.

It has an ingenious design device that fits seamlessly into everyday life. The motion was controlled from the central hub of power pressed against the top plane from the bottom.

Besides, it also has characteristics that can be moved horizontally.

The executors can be both power users and those under control. The work of “Rhythmic activities” was the result of looking at the structure of power in a horizontal manner by exposing the structure of the spaces through a wide-angle rotation of the plane.

From the point of view located in the center of the slaughterhouse area which consisted of many closed units, the complexity that had been allocated proportionally and assembled to become a large structure.

The usefulness arising from the design of the area, there will be activities that control the body movements to move on accordingly and the time will control the activities to proceed on continuously.

The process taking place in the abattoir area reflected “Structural Power” hidden in space design as it is a power that has a horizontal nature.

By the relationship of the elements under the slaughterhouse that consisted of spaces, activities, time, and bodies.

These elements control the organization of the bodies to keep moving repeatedly and regularly as if it were rhythmic activities and that the melodies harmonize the bodies to move effectively.

Process or Methods

In the visual presentation, the image is moved from the center of the area.

It moves the image continuously with the rotation surrounding the area.

It defines the filming area from the center of the slaughterhouse area.

It has a wide viewing angle. To allow the viewer to explore the hidden elements of the image as a multi-channel image on one screen, it also uses a time delay in the area of the image to reveal the perceptual overlap in the original dimensions.

In the perceived time difference, the Metronome’s voice will be used as an integral part for opening the area of understanding of the audience. See the relationship of the slaughterhouse area with the sound of the Metronome.

Expose the coordination of activities that are like rhythmic activities.

Techniques and materials

Single Channel Video, Black & White, Full-Hd video, sound,

Size or Mins.

Film & Video 6min 54sec, Loop, Dimension variables


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