A — Gap

Mr. Phanas Phokthavi



A— Gap because of the interval of ages looks simple but so complicated in the real life, especially in a family. In their view, parents expect their children to understand what they think as their children had already been adults. Serious suggestions which are full of experiences may not match the small kids. Many things children do not realize are just because of difference of ages, which includes generation differences.(Idler, 2013)

The journey of age makes us change. Diverse information is loaded into us from
everywhere along with our increasing wrinkles. Our thought, adherence, and self defense are all created along the way while the children lives are just start. Therefore, difference of age is an important factor to make A— Gap. The gap is always there. However, it is a part of our lives.

5 from 6 pieces in this set of art work are created to represent the trace of age in my
body, at the same time revealing the thought of putting artistic experiences, composition, abstraction which are enlightened during the travel of age into them. Their titles are

No. 1. Pulse
No.2. Wrinkle
No.3. Finger
No.4. Palm Pattern

No.6. Crow’s Feet

While the other pieces in this set was created by my eldest son, Wara Phokthavi, when
his age was around 5 years old. The human body was simple drawn plus his T-shirt if he felt cold. That is what the kid sees.(, 2020) This piece’s title is

No.5. A—Gap

This set of art work demonstrates the gap of ages in the obvious view. However, in behind, it also represents the complex gap between ages that is outside the eyes. And the last, it also portrays that differences can stay together.

Techniques and materials


Size or Mins.

6 pcs 15 X 76 cm

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