The Dead of Color Dots

Mr. Pathom Supreeyaporn



In the past people live in the sanctuary of nature and live with harmony. Time goes on, people invent several technology to serve their convenient, with out the care and destroy an environment. The more they do that the more they destroy, that causes the problem of air pollution.

Nowadays the PM2.5 comes. It is a worldwide problem. It effect all people daily life. People have to take care themselves more. Everybody wear mask to protect PM 2.5 when stay outside that has never happen before. Especially when Covid 19 came in 2020. It spread all over the world, can be easily sick by no distancing and die.

An awareness of this situation give an idea of making art has its purpose to give the message to the viewer to be careful of PM 2.5 and Covid 19. This art piece using tiny color dots that means DUST to make a graphic art and use a computer technique to control its movement, making like the dust floating in the air, the title of this art piece is “ Motion Graphic by the Dust “.

The discovery of making this art piece need to start by manual experiment, during the time of experiment can find the size of the dots that look like real dust. If the color dots look big the picture will look thick and heavy. If it is so tiny it will look so soft that makes the visual not easily see. An experiment show that some dot can easily see on the computer screen but not easily seen on the projector screen so should be careful to use the computer technique, especially using proper lighting tools to make a fine piece.

Techniques and materials

Digital Art, Create particles from graphic

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