Mr. Patara Nimmol


This project was given by The Central Embassy Department store incorporated with Projectt
studio and T’la Frame Studio as to make a short 2d animation in order to promote Central Embassy new campaign.

My role as a chief of animated department is involved a pre-production process such as storyboard design, animatic and design how all the character will pose and move in this short animation.

As this project has given me an experience of working with a big group of people and also to corporate with another studio. Also, it has given me a chance to see how me and my partners grew through these 4 months project.

Gap is Growth

The pins of life can be caused by events that are arranged in a row. But between the pins that were intended and inadvertently are all will consist of many spaces. In which each space has its own function. Gazing at those gaps in the past story must be a precious experience. Because the present tense often makes us look only at the events that are arranged closely together. Sometimes the distance (Gap) between those events is the main variable of growth and learning

Techniques and materials

Digital art

Size or Mins.

FULL HD 1080p, 16:9
10 mins

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