PHOTO ESSAY/Three Children To The Gates of Trilak
(Anijjung, Tookkang and Anatta)

Assoc.Prof. Pakorn Prohmvitak



I have been in love with photography and start taking photos since 15 years old. Now, I am 68 years old and I have took more that 1,000 photos.

On Aril 2000, during the time of Covid-19 Pandemic, I spent my time looking back on my
photo albums. I am impressed by some particular picture I took. Then I have an idea to link all these nostalgic photos into a new story. The three boys on a train that I took in 1972 at Cha-Am Railway Station and the stainless door which is a reflection of a Myanmar temple in 2019 at Victoria Point in Myanmar gave me an inspiration to create a time gap, which is a time that is longer than 40 years into one single time.

When looking at the 2 sets of photos combined, the concept and content between the boys
and doors should synthesize. My 1,000 pictures when combined can create a new meaning, a new image and a new intellectual interpretation which makes this process of creating this art piece fun and feel achievement of the outcome.

The picture of the three boys refers to Trilak (Anijjang, Tookkang and Anatta), this triplet
relates to number 3 on the train and this bogie of the train has a signage “Thonburi – Chumporn” that gives a sense of traveling – travel to the three gates.

The gates are abstract illusion of the temple that reflects a “Second Level” of the image of
the temple. The three gates give a kaleidoscope sense which is an emotion of “Illusion of the holy gate”. The first gate refers to Anijjang (Unstability), the second gate refers to Tookkang (Suffering) and the third gate refers to Anatta (Uncontrollable). These 3 particular photos are like mosaic which juxtapose to give a new meaning and become an art piece that provide a particular creative content to the viewers.

The metaphoric of these 2 sets of pictures gave audience new ideas, new intellectual concept, new story and also aim to experiment by putting pictures together. An artist can develop a new experiment by combining photos which will create a new idea and gain new meaning from it.

Techniques and materials


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60 c.m. * 190 c.m.

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