New Life of Old Objects Around Me


New Life of Old Objects Around Me

Mrs. Achara Narklada


Objects that are damaged or not in use are the garbage that is waiting to be dumped.

However, if we as the owner look at them with our hearts, we will find both good and bad memories inside them. Once our hearts accept the unchangeable facts of the object’s existence, and such objects start to recall our happiness, make us smile when looking at them, or remind us not to repeat the same mistakes, our hearts are willing to make the objects more valuable and beautiful through re-creation.

It is the attitude towards life as well – not to leave problems and learn nothing.

We shall learn to accept the flaws and futility.

Then, transform them into another dimension of beauty while preserving our memories.


The old objects are often thrown away like garbage after they are used or expired.

However, if we know how to recreate them into an aesthetic artwork, we will be able to generate another dimension of beauty, retain the memories, give points of thought and become more environmentally friendly.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

1. To allow the individual to reminisce and review his or her life through objects that have been used or left over from work.
2. To create a new form of the art piece which provides a new feeling through the combination of the object owner’s knowledge and experiences.
3. To create arts work that put value on self-awareness, sparks an idea, and creates a positive impact on oneself and society.
4. To reduce waste by transforming unused objects into artworks, which does not only increases the value to the unused object but also reduces the burden to our planet.

Process or Methods

1. Select items that have been used or left over from work.
2. Make a balanced fit without modifying the parts of the used items.
3. Do not add any new materials to the created works.

Techniques and materials

1. Ready-made objects.
2. Natural overlapping.

Size or Mins.

Conceptual Art 0.60 X 1.20 X 0.45 m.


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