Let’s get back to these days


Let’s get back to these days

Dr. Perline Siek, Hwee Ling


Good old time in Singapore, where my place of birth, my memory is always with the Municipal building with two clock faces, black and white colonial’s bungalow, traditional wooden house, historical shophouses which always with a ‘towkay’ (shop owner) wearing a white singlet standing in front of his grocery store, eyeing on kids running into his store, and next to it, there is an Indian newsstand with newspapers and magazines.

You will see chicken running around, paper kites up in the sky, street dog, cat, goats living at their own pace.

Kids are either asked to stay home but the mind and eye are always eyeing on outside of the house, and will grab every opportunity to run out to play.

There is always a neighbor’s aunty wearing the traditional Nyonya Kebaya dress, call in on your mother with her homemade cake, or asking you to go to their house to play with their children. And, next door uncles are always at the jetty doing fishing.


We have experienced a new normal lifestyle due to Covid-19. As I believe each and every one of us is reluctant to let go of our old normal life; my goal is to whet the appetite and arouse curiosity to those who loved to have personal visit to the art gallery, to experiences an alternative way to support all the traditional artists in the world at this period of time.

And at the same time, we can patch back our sweet memory and share with others.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

Different types of historical houses formed the outlook of today’s Southeast Asia.

Yet the local conditions and customs which bring us happiness, relax and inspiration formed who I am today.

This Acrylic painting on canvas was painted with 360-degree panorama which invites you to have a glance at the precious moments.

Today in this pandemic period, we still need good neighbors, townships to helping one another, no different from the good old days, just that the presentation might be a little improvement.

Process or Methods

1. The creative art piece is applied acrylic paints as the medium, manually painted on a 24 x12 inches canvas board with a pre-plan arrangement on all the components before painting, which ease the post-production step when converting to 360-degree.
2. Digitalized the painting to 360-degree panorama and add in background music by inviting two Music students (Chong Jiunn Yann & Nicole Mah Ying Yee) from Sunway University’s Contemporary Music (Audio Technology) to compose the background music for this creative work. 3. Put up to YouTube as a temporary platform to present this 360-degree view and created
a QR code for the audience to view.

Techniques and materials

1. Manual Acrylic paints on Canvas board.
2. Composed background music starts with a harp, followed by gamelan as melody.

Size or Mins.

Painting 24 inch x 12 inch canvas board
60 seconds video clip

Music composed by: Chong Jiunn Yann & Nicole Mah Ying Yee


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