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The lotus flower is literally the essential and meaningful symbol of Buddhism, which is the queen of aquatic plants and representative of Buddhist’s spirituality. The meaning of lotus in Sanskrit is ”Bongkot” which means the mud birth. In Buddhism, levels of lotus can be compared to a range of human greed. The levels of the lotus are divided into four types, ranging from the lowest lotus under the mud, the underwater lotus, the lotus at the water surface, to the lotus above water. Those thriving in mud, being rotten and animal feeds represent ignorant humans, while those thriving above water are pure and spiritual, symbolizing enlightened humans.
Inspired by the meaning of lotus, a design concept highlights a range of lotus levels in Buddhism. Greeds of the lower lotus are translated into the rough surface. Different leaf shapes are used to represent confusion. In contrast, the pureness of enlightened higher lotus is portrayed by tidy lines and neat surface.

This womenswear outfit is inspired by a lotus with an emphasis on its meaning in Buddhism. In addition to the silhouette influenced by the lotus shape, the surface design features various techniques in order to reflect various types of humans, according to the comparison of humans to different levels of lotus in Buddhism. Comparing the embellishment to human greed and desire, elements of lotus leaves are developed into surface techniques, ranging from rough embroidery, the untidy line to neat decoration.

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