Living Puppets

Assist. Prof. Jinabhadr Kantaputra



The world people who love music listen to it in the past, now and the future. Listening to the music dramatically impact on human life. When I was young, I was a classical guitar player. So I really love classical and easy listening music. It makes me happy and helps me relieve stress. Lately, I was fascinated with the music album on YouTube as written bellow.

Flute and Guitar classical music: Schubert & Kohle 15 Original Dance from D.365 Plaisirs pour Guitar and Flute Aug 24, 2018 – Uploaded by HALIDONMUSIC

In this time of The 8th Rangsit University International Design Exhibition, I would like to express how pleasant of this classical music into the vision of digital illustration art.

This music is soft sounds of tiny melody harmonized with a flute and a guitar. The melodic make the happiness and joyful. Therefore, I set the place at the sky with the full of cloud for my design with the angels of musician, two kinds of music instruments, and the puppets.

The first and second design pieces I show the musician playing their song for the puppet. I use the image of living puppet controlled with the melody for representing the human who love music and who get the dramatically impact on their life. In the last piece, two puppets are dancing with the song of ‘Schubert & Kohle 15 Original Dance from D.365’.

My designs will be exhibited on the website for the 8th RSU International Deign Symposium, My printed art piece will be given to the College of Music, Rangsit University. I hope that my design works will pleasure and inspire musical students, teachers and visitors. It will be useful and would help making the beautiful and romantic environmental in a hall or music room.

Techniques and materials

Digital art

Size or Mins.

Living Puppets No.1 20 x30 Inches
Living Puppets No.2 20 x30 Inches
Living Puppets No.3 16 x20 Inches

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