Intimate Objects Engender Meaningful Space


Intimate Objects Engender Meaningful Space

Associated Professor Pisprapai Sarasalin


Interior design is the art of arrangement each element in space. Each element in a home has its own meaning and functional aspect. How we arrange them should reflect on personal taste and nourish spirit of a person resides in a place. This project aims to discuss about the arts of arrangement objects in interior space focusing on the aesthetic and emotional aspect. I used my sense in combining each material, such as texture, color, natural light and mood. I tried to achieve the composition that appears artful and not too overstated arrangement and try to keep them simple and natural as possible. I hope to inspire many viewers that designing interior of a home, small objects are relevant and can have relationship with life. I would like to say that interior design is not merely style or decoration. It is essential that good quality interior design should embrace qualities that can enter into a meaningful dialogue. Interior designer must use their senses and their delicate skills while designing as well as giving attention to the details that related to emotional aspect of human being.

By using my home which my daughter and her husband designed the architecture and I designed the interiors as a site to study, therefore, this project reflects my personal taste of colors, materials and textures. The objects I used in the study has its own story and some of them are very meaningful to me. Some objects passed by from parents and ancestor, some were given, some designed by my daughter, some designed by myself and some I have collected them over the times. My most meaningful pieces in this project are ceramics pieces that designed by my daughter, other objects such as her favorite scarf, my father’s trophies etc. I cherish its memory with them in my imagination through objects left behind. These objects made me understand that the small objects can be the most meaningful to human being. How I glorified these meaningful objects will be explained in this study. One of a book that inspired me the most was written by Gaston Bachelard… ‘The Poetics of Space.‘ The book enlarged my imagination. I would like to close with a sentence that Bachelard stated in this book and hope to inspire all viewers :

‘ The miniature deploys to the dimensions of a universe. once more, large is contained in a small’
( Gaston Bachelard )


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