Humanity Trap


Humanity Trap

Mr. Tanoo Onudom


The geography of the world is constantly changing. As a result, the living environment has a chance to change from the original. Different species have the ability to survive in the midst of such changes. And most of them are inherited as beings in modern times. The process of changing the genetic material of an organism’s population continues. The changes that were made will not revert back to the way they were before. Changes that continue for a long time until living things change their former characteristics. We do not see the change that is taking place. This is because the change occurs more than a person’s life expectancy. But can see the effect of such change we are now seeing more and more global changes from catastrophic events such as floods, global warming, melting polar ice, involving disruption to the current natural life, system, and balance. Many times throughout the world’s history have led to mass extinctions. Ice ages and changes in Earth’s space environment have led to their extinction. In addition, non-native species invading other territories have led to the extinction of other specific species that have native to those regions many times but any extinction however, the cost is very high. And it will take years to regain full life again. It would be wise if we could live and progress without destroying our biosphere, extinction of many species these changing conditions had a devastating impact on the planet and on humans during its lifetime. It brings questions to human life in the past, present and future as to what human life on Earth should be. And how many things that have been created by humans affect the change of the world? This inspired the reflection of these issues into questioning through this creative work.


The artwork has a work process from researching data to synthesising it in the field of semiotics. Until the production process that finds techniques to present in accordance with the objectives of the work and can be a medium in terms of content until achieving results in the process. In the presentation, consideration was given to the size of the piece that was large enough to create an impact on the visitor, which was important in recognizing the message to be conveyed in questioning through this piece. In the form of presentations designed using the techniques studied can support the intended objectives.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

The aim of creating artwork is to question the direction of development and human-made things for the betterment of everyday life, the impact on nature in the degradation and destruction that are actually those things. Is it a good and right direction as we still rely on the things of nature as vital for our living? Issues concerning disasters occurring in global climate and greenhouse conditions all have been questioned and proven to be partially human-caused from various parts of development that use unlimited resources from the world. The creations of this work wish people to be aware of them and rethink their way of life on earth.

Process or Methods

Production, It started with a hand-picked of over 30 hand-picked models for a variety of characteristics to shoot from a top angle through clear glass and lighting up to suit the atmosphere against a black color background. This requires photographing a variety of hand characteristics in various positions and must be characterized by showing pressure against a clear glass surface to reveal the pressure marks on the hands and fingers. After obtaining a hand-drawn image of various characteristics, the image is then assembled with digital software to obtain the desired composition and final color and contrast adjustment of the artwork and import it into the printing process.

Printing Process Uv (UV Curable) inks is a green technology inks are inks that consist of Acrylic Monomers and an initiator. The ink is in a liquid form and does not dry until exposure to UV light of the appropriate wavelength will cause a chemical reaction to cause the UV ink to form. Harden strongly adhesion on the surface, transforming into a solid form. It will etch on the surface of the material and not seep into the material, thus making the color stand out on all materials and due to the etching of the material, it will stick more firmly than other inks and can be printed on all coated surfaces and it’s a low temperature process. they are weather/water-resistant.

Installation work It is to place the work on the ground for the audience to look down on the work as if looking through the atmosphere of the world that is wrapped in mass, to see the state of being pressed It is like the result of man-made things that have a trap effect on man himself.

Techniques and materials

Photography Digital Multipulate / UV Curable Ink Printing on Aluminum-Material

Size or Mins.

120×240 cm.


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