Hide and Seek


Hide and Seek

Mr. Patara Nimmol


Desire is a mechanism that is produced, created and connected endlessly. It arises from socialization, institutional environment, through social relationships between individuals and society.As well as culture in the dimension of social anthropology which is what connects people in society through the interaction of activities whether it is a play, a group, or a religious ritual.

This project is an invention research project that I received a sponsorship from Chulalongkorn University under the name of an innovation project Sam Yan-Suan Luang. This is a project that aims to use art as a medium to stimulate community activities that will affect the economy of Sam Yan – Suan Luang community.

In this project, I was assigned to bring this mixed media sculpture to the area of ”Suan Luang Square”. Suanluang Square was formed by the Chulalongkorn University Property Management Office with a vision of transforming this old community into a new business district. It is also used as a meeting place and joint activities, targeting students and young workers.

Suan Luang Square is the adjustment of the area at Chula Soi 5, Chula Soi 12, an area of 10 rai from Xiang Kong to become a modern community. It is a collection of famous shops and restaurants to be a model of the community commercial district.

Being a “golden location” The concept is to be a source of delicious food and a model of community trade”. Revive the life of the old community, as most areas of Chula cover the economy of both tourism and education. Therefore, the roaming population is among the teenagers, working people with the ability to access various social networks, such as Facebook, instagram, twitter , So tangible and playable is an essential part.

Since the original Siam people and the Chinese people from Yaowarat settled together to become a mixed culture. This mixed culture was so evidently unique and it was later to be remembered. One of the most easily visible physical features is the “facade”, which is a unique residential style and can be easily remembered. Until now, the way of life of the city people has changed dramatically. Many larger buildings and homes have been built. As a result, the landscape of the residential area is a distinct blend of the old and the new. Consequently, drawing on the identity of the Sam-Yan community that can communicate with people of various cultures and generations is the main approach to this design.
Use of friendly materials such as animation will be a tool for communicating and connecting interests of people from different ages and cultures. Therefore, it was the idea to use animation with mixed media or sculpture, with the idea of introducing a culture of play like a child, such as writing, drawing and playing on a notebook or cartoon characters. This is a format that all children can experience together. So, when putting these two ideas together, Facade and Play like a child, it is the connection of two cultures from two generations through Zoetrope Animation and mixed media ready made sculpture.


It could be said that The human basis is a desire for satisfaction, which is the original idea. And expressing one’s unique or personal identity is one of the main pleasures of everyone. And the area of the Sam Yan community is the area where two cultures from two eras is evident. Getting involved in this project has given me the opportunity to explore and see the expressions and plays, That is the basis of the beginning of the word “culture”. Therefore, without the satisfaction of the expression or the interaction of community participation in this play. Humans will not be able to leave any marks for the extension of civilization.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

1. To highlight the image of the household culture that can be seen and hidden in the Sam Yan community. Which is a mix of people from two eras using zoetrope animation technique.
2. To transfer and connect values in a unique culture. And create a welcoming and friendly image.
3. As a media for public relations to create a combination of creative activities and stimulate the economy of the community.
4. For the development of the scope of the use of animation in art.

Process or Methods

1. Site and background research on Sam-Yan community.
2. Reflect Sam-Yan culture through readymade objects and select.
3. Using LED flex with a mild steel wire to reproduce a “Facade” image.
4. Create Zoetrope animation and adjust them on the top of each selected object.
5. Creating a frame by frame 2D animation for zoetrope.

Techniques and materials

1. Zoetrope Animation.
2. Ready made sculpture.
3. LED flex and toys.

Size or Mins.

Sculpture Mix media Animation
Installation on site 1.5M * 1.5 M Loop animation with a projector


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