Emotional Wheel


Emotional Wheel

Ms. Podjanee Kakaew


Could you control your emotions?. Try playing this video, by pressing the stop playing and look at what kind of face you want when pressed to stop playing. Are you satisfied with what you get? Human beings are emotionally diverse like an emotional wheel which can rotate alternately change at any time at any time it depends on each situation, stimulus and experiences which emotions definitely influence us a lot in our lives. Whether with myself or living together with people in society but many times it seems that we are controlled by these emotions and their influence on our behavior.

In this motion graphics the artist was inspired by playing games to win prizes. With random rewards changing rapidly resulting in a persistent image and see it as an animation. A change from one thing to another when we try to look and use the mouse to control the selection of the prize that we want. But in the end, we may not be satisfied with what we have.

This inspiration the creators have combined to create works in the form of digital art. It uses 3D character creation techniques and facial expression movement systems which is the most easily seen physical characteristics to reflect the randomness of human emotions that is difficult sometimes to control.


This work reflects rapid unstable emotional changes that sometimes we cannot control In order to look back at yourself to the emotional state of the day. Because at present society is exposed to high stress and pressure.

Therefore, understanding your emotional state and being able to keep your emotional state in balance is important to learn for the behavior of expression and coexistence in society.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

Reflects the rotate alternately change of human emotions that is so fast, inconsistent and it is sometimes difficult to control to want to look back on your own emotional state of the day.

By using 3D character creation techniques and facial expression movement system creation process.

Process or Methods

Presentation with this picture the artist using facial expressions which are physical characteristics and easiest to see. It can convey the 6-page basic human emotion including Happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise and anger. By setting the color that conveys that mood including red color represents anger, yellow color represents happiness, joy, blue color represents sadness, green color represents disgust, the orange color represents surprise and purple color represents fear.

The animation is performed using random methods, speed and expressions of emotions it creates an animated persistence from one emotion to another that represents an unstable change in mood that can happen at any time and let the picture show random indefinitely in a repetitive loop.

Creating 3D Modeling in Autodesk Maya 2018
Creating texture, Camera,Lighting and Rendering using Redshift Renderer
3. Post-production
Composite , Editing with Adobe After Effects CC 2018

Techniques and materials

3D modeling and facial expression / Autodesk Maya 2018
Compositing / After Effect

Size or Mins.

Video 39 second (1920×1080)


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