Ms. Darunee Pungwongyat



Reading human thoughts is a complex matter when we look at someone that we
cannot use ourselves or my experience to make decisions because of the experiences are different. Because people come from many directions many of reasons in their own way it also enhancing the appearance, interior, concealment and distortion of the true self.

we meet a lot of people we do not know what the people has encountered until we get to see somebody’s true colors. Therefore we cannot judge people from the outside. Because of your real characters anyone don’t know what he be done that many times we judge others for their actions only once which we may look at only one side and then decide.

The reasons why people judge anyone from outside because most people use the unconscious mind and instincts to consider first to judge more than using consciousness judgment is the reasoning.
Therefore, the artist creates works of art to convey ideas through works of digital art by using 3D modeling techniques to reflect people’s views based on cause and effect.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To reflect don’t just look at people from the outside because there are many things that

Process or Methods

– Define the concept and design movement
– Creating 3D Modeling in Autodesk Maya 2018
– Creating texture, Lighting and Rendering the Scene using Redshift Renderer
– Rendered image for additional mood and tone with Adobe After Effects CC 2018

Techniques and materials

Digital Art

Size or Mins.

Movie 17 second

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