Graphic decoded from Antiques Minbar

Dr. Danu Phumalee



GRAPHIC DESIGN REFLECTING THAI – MUSLIM IDENTITY The communication method by Graphic and illustration is a visual language have consistent with traditions, cultures, reflecting the beliefs of the locality and Ethnic. to represent the identity of that group. The profoundness of Graphic and illustration must be able to express the accent according to the owner. To create an identity in a diversity society.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

  1. To study the graphic design process that can reflecting the personality and identity of Thai Muslims.
  2. To create a design direction that can enhance communication in Visual communication design to reflect the identity of Muslims in Thailand.
  3. To develop graphic to reflect identity of Thai Muslim.

Size or Mins.

The research area is an ancient community of Thai Muslim in recorded history to collect concepts that influence on the Islamic arts and culture of Thai Muslim. By focusing on finding concept and design direction for reflecting identity of Thai Muslims through graphic design.
The Antiques Minbar (pulpits in the mosque) Ban Toh Chao Mosque The Muslim community of Songkhla is older than 300 years ago. The Arts of craftsmanship from local craftsman can reflect the combination of original ethnic and regional art and craft in order that use as archetype to decode the etching patterns.

Techniques and materials

Adobe illustrator and Digital print on paper

Size or Mins.

90*90 cm

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