Creative Annihilation


Creative Annihilation

Ms. Ananyalan Wattananupong


Human desirability is a nature for humanity which happen all the time. It’s not different from how to survive to keep our existence.
This arts exhibition is to let you see how can we bring nature in different perspectives, color, anomalies form from nature; Nature is beautiful. Nature is a giver for everything. Human uses nature to create life, prosperity; however, human intervenes nature with or without intention.
The impacts of human action is reflect to nature existence with the Covid-19 situation, it makes human to stay at home, Nature can reheat itself to become beautiful again.


The artwork has a work process from researching data to synthesising it in the field of semiotics. Until the production process that finds techniques to present in accordance with the objectives of the work and can be a medium in terms of content until achieving results in the process. In the presentation, consideration was given to the size of the piece that was large enough to create an impact on the visitor, which was important in recognizing the message to be conveyed in questioning through this piece. In the form of presentations designed using the techniques studied can support the intended objectives.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

1. Human aware of how important to save nature.
2. Human and nature is a life form which depend on each others.
3. Traditional Understand how to make traditional hat.

Process or Methods

Making the flower
1. Using a pencil, trace around Rose, taking care to lay the template at a diagonal with the bias of the habotai running from top to bottom
2. With a needle and thread, stitch a pleat in the base of each petal, so that it forms a cup shape.
3. Sew the leaf to the base of the rosebud. Repeat this process for the medium and large roses, sewing on all the petals of each size before moving on to the next.
4. With a double thread, blanket stitch through the petals from the base, going though the loop before pulling the stitch tight.
5. Add petals one at a time, placing each petal over the join of the below so that the flower is evenly rounded.
Covering the headband
1. Being wrapping the tulle around the headband so that the folded edge always covers the raw edge
2. Wrap tightly and evenly all the way around the headband until the tulle goes just beyond the end of the band.
Making the leaves
1. Measure the inner centre line in the leave, and cut a length of wire around 25 cm. / each, put the wire in the color leave and then cut the glue fabric and press on the top of the wire again.
Blocking the felt
1. Paint felt stiffener evenly inside the felt sheet. Circular movement with the paintbrush. Leave the felt to dry completely on the block.
2. Pull the felt down under the edge and begin to place blocking pins at an angle in this order 12 6 3 9 o’clock.

Techniques and materials

Bronze with incandescent patina.

Size or Mins.

Fashion Design 46 – 65 cm


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