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Work-Light Balance Series

Work-Light Balance Series

Assist.Prof.Tippaluk Komolvanij


The work of “Work-Light Balance Series” had been compared between the words “Work-Life Balance” and “Work-Light Balance” to point out that the designer put a lot of effort to find the balance between timing, space and exposure in order to get reflecting images and efforts to find Life -Balance both in personal and work life during the Covid-19 era. So far all works and personal life had been all at home, which caused the balance of life to be imbalance, lacked of quantity although life according to the theory should be equal to 50 : 50 both work and life.

In each images, the designer set images placement and graphics to strongly contrast by giving the part of colors instead of personal life and nine graphic lines instead of workload to show the hard works of today’s people, which each had the goods in life, wanted to be progress in every efforts (Nine means successful in Thai), but they neglected to take care of their private lives, which caused of imbalances. However if people can set their timetable of each activity accordingly, life will have more pleasure and enjoy both work and living.

For the process of photography, the designer got inspired by the work of Hanna Huhtamo – Finnish Artist, who said “Darkness is my canvas and light is my brush” so experiments with long exposure photography using lights source from an Android application instead and used cutting papers into shapes both geometric and free form together to stack on top of each other as in random manner as well as used the lights from Disco Lights application to shine behind the paper and its result been created by lights, by the time the Disco Light application changed the light colors continuously, an alternating colors light all the time and the light still switch through only some of the paper resulting in new shapes, became new strange and unique shapes with pretty bright colors. The visual style will not be the same every time the light is on and the papers can switch to and from to get more beautiful images.


From the selection experiments for application to be the light, found that the nature of the colored light depends on the used application. Some will have a light switch setting and
strong enough, which made photography in form light-painting but the light results was not beautiful or not appeared on images.

The work of photography in this series reflects both the balance in the camera settings and the balance of light from the mobile application, it also reflects the life being that there must be a balance between work and personal life as well. When life’s balanced, happiness in life will follow

Objectives Aims or Purposes

1) To experiment with creating works by using long exposure together with paper cutting and Mobile phone
2) To bring the results that have been created to be further uses

Process or Methods

1) Form shapes, physical outlines : geometric shapes and other free forms on A 2 paper randomly arrange the elements.
2) Cut the paper as the shape been set.
3) Placed the cut-paper on the steel frame, put the patterned cut-paper on another sheet of paper by allowing each to be spaced 1 inch apart.
4) Set up the camera by using a phot method Long exposure photography to be set speed at 15 sec. open F-stop 22 and used ISO 100 to take photo together with tripod and mobile-phone.
5) Download Appliction Disco Light (Androids) to be used as a light camera shine over through the back of the patterned paper when shooting.
6) Bring images to be decorated with additional graphics in the program Adobe Illustrator.
7) Bring the resulting images without further editing to retouch for making shirts and bags to further the creative works to be used in other ways.

Techniques and materials

Long Exposure Photography and Photographic Technique called “Light Painting”

Size or Mins.


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