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The mystery of death

The mystery of death

Assist.Prof.Sutat Palama


Mythology is a narrative from the past. It is like a tool that helps convey historical stories. These stories reflect the way of life, thoughts, beliefs, and traditions of people in the past.

The sphinx appears in Greek and Egyptian mythology. The two cultures are closely linked and strongly influence each other. in Greek mythology The sphinx is considered a woman. One sphinx is considered to exist only in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Orthus and Echidna, or Chimera, in addition to the human head and body of a lion. She also had the wings of an eagle and the tail of a serpent. Tends to be treacherous, aggressive, and bloodthirsty. And the Sphinx likes to eat people.

Another outstanding personality trait of the Greek Sphinx is Has cat and female character, that is, talking and teasing the victim before swallowing. The Sphinx always asks every traveler to solve a mystery. The riddle she asked was a famous riddle. a sound animal Four feet in the morning, two feet in the afternoon, and three feet at night? Whoever tried to answer was eaten by the monster. However, Oedipus was able to answer correctly. He replied, “Man”, who crawled on four legs as a baby. Walks on two like an adult and needs a walking stick when he is old. There seems to be a second mystery after the first story. “There are two sisters. one gives birth to another Who will give birth to the first child? Who are they?” The correct answer is “Day and night” are two Greek words. After Oedipus answered both questions correctly. The Sphinx killed herself by flying, crashing into the ground in anger.

From the study of such stories I am interested in designing an illustration of the Sphinx. Find out about the Sphinx in papers, textbooks, and online materials to analyze the characters and formulate design guidelines to create illustrations for The Sphinx: The Mystery of the Dead, Class Publishing House


Revivals of an Ancient Myth in Modern Art: Oedipus and the Episode of the Sphinx. From Assist.Prof.Sutat Palama

Objectives Aims or Purposes

1. To research and develop the process of Illustration.
2. To apply the knowledge gained from research to develop concepts to convey the
meaning of Illustration .
3. To create machine assisted artwork in the theme of “The mystery of death”

Process or Methods

1. To research and develop the process.
2. To apply the knowledge gained from research to develop concepts
3. Use Adobe Photoshop to complete the final step.

Techniques and materials

Digital Illustration

Size or Mins.

Size : 43 x 43 cm
Number of pieces: 3 piece


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