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The Melody of a Country Boy Growing to an Adult in Bangkok

The Melody of a Country Boy Growing to an Adult in Bangkok

Assist. Prof Pakorn


Impressions in life come from the past and last up to the present. They come from childhood and go to old age, among the environment that changes. Some people live in the country when they are young but must move to live in a big city. An impression when he or she was young comes with them to the big city. We can call it nostalgic traveling, when someone grows up in different circumstances. An impression of fabric and weaving in the village follows me everywhere. When I travel many provinces in Thailand, I like to go to see the weaving villages and fabric shops to see and to buy and to appreciate. I love the color, textures and patterns. All that has stuck in my head since I was 8 years old, 12 years old, and 16 years old when I went to study in Bangkok. When I moved to Bangkok, I would usually go to see the fabric shops at the shopping mall. I liked their displays that made the fabric beautiful with lighting and setting. One day I was sitting on the bench at the walkway in front of the fabric shop and through the window display I saw a reflection of the Bangkok people walking by, the country people who came to live in Bangkok were walking by. I though it looked like myself walking into that fabric. People passed by again and again. That emotion, like the melody of music, really impressed me with its image and emotion. It made me want to hold on to it. So I took the pictures and found a way to capture that emotion because not only did it happen that day, but it happened with me in the past as I am a country boy from the North. The fabric usually uses purple and indigo because they are popular there. So I used these two colors to represent the North. The compression of these many things mentioned above, since I was young until I am old, are replicated in the works.


ได้ความรู้สึกตามที่ประสงค์ เกิด แอบสแตร็ค ลุค ตามที่ต้องการและบีบอัดความรู้สึกในวัยเด็ก จากชนบท จนเป็นผู้ใหญ่ในกรุงเทพมหานคร และปะปนกับผู้คนในกรุง ที่สะท้อนลงไปบนสิ่งทอ

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To experiment with how my childhood in the village merges with daily life in Bangkok presently. And the emotion of again, and again, and again. Make the art piece depict my idea.

Process or Methods

1. Take the pictures about my traveling in the village with weaving and fiber art as my inspiration.
2. Go to the shop that sells Thai fabrics in the shopping mall in Bangkok.
3. Choose the shop and window display that impresses me. Sit down on the bench in front of the shop and look at that window display.
4. I see the reflection in the window display, people walk by, I find the impression from that.
5. Create the repetition like a melody in a song, match with the reflection of the people and the fabric in the window display.
6. put those pictures together make the repletion to feel like music.
7. Select the color of the fabric based on what I liked since I was young and living in the village.

Techniques and materials

Take the pictures and then use the computer to create an art piece. Choose the color that is typically used in Northern Thai fabrics.

Size or Mins.

The size is 31 x 36 cm


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