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The Greatest Slope Line.

The Greatest Slope Line.

Mr. Nattaphong Sripungwiwat


The Greatest slope line is an art exhibition and design works relating to the philosophy
of security and uncertainty. The artwork represented the shape of a simple-modern of large
building that could had been destroyed by nature natural disasters or by mankind (war). The
falling downed structure that have displayed the unsecured place and cannot be utilized by
public. The red ropes are represented pillars that supported the structure which prohibit the
building to collapsed which can relate to the concept of instability- unperfect of life.

Over time the stability has also turned to shaky and been worthless because of the
uncertainty of future management that is unprepared and unstable.

Stability, in other words, being stable in various fields, a state of feeling secure, carefree,
and protected from various dangers might happen on purpose or by chance. The stability of life
is common in every people that often think of wealth because when money comes, welfare, safety and convenience come to life too. Sometimes mental stability of mind is overlooked. Although there is a lot of money, if the mind is full of anxiety, fear, agitation, feeling depleted, insatiable, lacking in happiness and peace, it is hard to feel that life is stable.

Uncertainty is difficult to expect. It can happen suddenly, unexpecting and out of control.
However, physical instability is the uncertainty of life, wealth or mental instability. It is a sudden
thought whether it’s positive or negative thoughts and often arises from other people

Therefore, change and uncertainty of life is a human encounter. People will need to
except and understand the changes in order to have stability in life. We need to learn how to
handle uncertainty in every day.
As we know uncertainty can happen in every minute. The most important is we need to except
and let is process of living and grateful for what you have.


Objectives Aims or Purposes

Presenting the concept of stability and uncertainty through artwork to create abstract
concept because of uncertainty is the true truth. Preparing and handle with uncertainty can also achieve lasting stability.

This artwork shows the sloped building and cannot be used to live representing the uncertainty of all things in this world. Red and white twisted ropes bracing the building show sensitivity and uncertainty. Psychological of red color represents danger, and white color
represents sensitivity which can also be seen as a sloping line that holds the sloping building.

Uncertainties can arise to us every day and every time without any predictability.
Consequently, we should not beunderestimate.

Process or Methods

– Cut the paper to create a model of the building and the foundation of the building.
– Position the model building at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground level of the model base.
– Stick the workpiece, paper, balsa wood and plastic sheet with glue on the base of the model.
– Use a rope to tie a knot gluing along the corners of the building with the base of the model vertically to show the gradient of height and lines of greatest slope.

Techniques and materials

– Cutting wood and paper
– Gluing
Materials and equipment
– Balsa wood
– Paper
– Plastic sheet
– Cutter knife
– Glue
– Model base
– Fabric rope

Size or Mins.


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