The Creation of Ceramic Art “Blooming Flowers”

Mrs. Katekarn Rattanachoul


In nature, everything exists for mutual benefit. It is a dependency such as land, water, plants, wildlife, air, clouds, rain, etc. Everything acts in balance therefore mold and cause prosperity, creating integrity for natural ecosystems and appears to be the cycle of existence and habitation of various living things. From the above, The dependence was mentioned. It is an element of completeness in the cycle of nature, like rain caused by small water droplets, float against the heat and humidity in the air then a condensation reaction occurs forming water droplets that fell into the rain to moisture to nourish life on land. Seeds, saplings and small flowers grow into a big tree with beautiful blossoms. I saw the beauty of interdependence in nature where things cannot be alone therefore used as inspiration for creating the ceramic sculptures by the nature, lines of the rain, flower forms, The colors of rainbow and the surface of the land that become the main form of this creation to express an impression the dependence in the nature and It is the creation of new form according to my uniqueness


The Creation of Ceramic Art “Blooming Flowers” was created to convey the experience of emotions and impressions in the interdependence of nature. It is the creation of artworks in the form of ceramic sculpture by using natural forms that have been reduced as symbols, consisting of lines, colors, shapes – forms and adjusted to different sizes then put them together for harmoniously and created unity. The form and content of the artwork were expressing in simply way, uncomplicated, emphasizing to communicate with the audience directly to make them look back in the nature that are important to humans and all living things.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To convey the beauty and impression of nature with interdependence.

Process or Methods

1. Study and collect information
2. Analyze and summarize the information
3. Use the data obtained from the analysis to create sketch
4. Select and improve sketch5. Expand the sketch into a ceramic by sculpting the clay , Biscuit Firing and Glost Firing
6. Check and improve for complete the artwork
The creation of this ceramic art “Blooming Flowers” was inspired by the interdependence of nature. There are three distinctive areas of expression scope as follows:

1. The content, there is a transmission about the nature that is dependent on it. Expressing beauty and impression by reflects through the shape and form of things that exist in nature such as rain, flowers, rainbows and the land.
2. The form, the work is a ceramic sculpture, created with techniques and processes of ceramic. There is an idea from nature that has dependence reflected through the expressions of visual elements from the analysis of the information. Then choose the shape and the
form of things that exist in nature, such as rain lines, the form of flowers, the colors of the rainbow and the surface of the land by creating different sizes and combining them to express the interdependence.
3. The technical and creative methods, It is a ceramic process that uses 3 types of clay, namely Stoneware, Terracotta and Porcelain. Use Engobe decorating slip to complete the decoration and use a glaze at 1,200 °C

Techniques and materials

ceramic,Engobe slip,glaze

Size or Mins.