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The acceptance of diversitieswithin oneself

The acceptance of diversitieswithin oneself

Ms. Darunee Pungwongyat


People have several characteristics within ourselves which change accordingly to
situations around us; to state of mind, emotions, and feelings. Some characteristics are
pleasing, but some are not agreeable to oneself, neither to others. Being open-minded to
embrace our characteristics and ourselves is good.

Self-acceptance and looking at ourselves without biases are to look for both positive
and negative points, understand your present feelings and thoughts, and accept the way it
is without resistance.

A person who can accept oneself must respect oneself and one’s uniqueness.
However, we have to be ready for changes, think positive, and evolve for better without
completely changing who we are after social pressure. It will be beneficial for us if we can
accept ourselves as the way we are.

It makes us want to improve ourselves at all times, make life better in our ways. If we
can accept our good and bad points, we will be able to identify, understand our errors, and
know how to adjust them. As a result, we will always be ready to change for better.



Therefore, artists create works to convey their thought via digital artworks using 3D
model technique which reflect diversities of humans’ characteristics. It is for people to
understand one’s characteristics, accept their positives and negative points, learn from
them, improve oneself, and live a happy life.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To understand oneself, consider one’s errors, and able to rectify them

Process or Methods

– Define the concept and design movement
– Creating 3D Modeling in Autodesk Maya 2020
– Creating texture, Lighting and Rendering the Scene using Redshift Renderer
– Rendered image for additional mood and tone with Adobe After Effects CC 2018

Techniques and materials

Movie, 3D Animation, Loop Animation

Size or Mins.

Size: HD 1280×720


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