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Mr. Piyanon Somboon


The Covid epidemic has been impacting the tourist sector for some years. Many tourism-related businesses have ceased operations. Many people are resorting to virtual tourism as a means of survival. As digital technology continues to advance toward the Metaverse where virtual and real worlds intertwine seamlessly, users can create avatars and partake in virtual 3D activities. Virtual Reality (VR) offers a one-of-a-kind experience that engages the audience (MICE Intelligence Team, 2022).

“Secret Buddha Garden” a digital Buddhist tourism project which can be further developed into Metaverse. The key objective of this project is to promote Buddhist tourism in modern times through a combination of a virtual object from the real world and a digital environment. The object from the real world in this project was obtained by using Photogrammetry. This approach allows 3D models to replicate both the object’s shape and material. As a result, the 3D depiction of its physical equivalent is extremely realistic. This photogrammetry technique is also gaining popularity since it can digitally recreate real-world things.


The animations provide a realistic view of the scenes and allow the spectators to discover animations linked to Buddhist sites.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To Create a Buddhic tourist attraction into the virtual world.

Process or Methods

– Define Research Framework
– Photogrammetry in 3D modeling and visualization – Reality capture – Design development with real-time rendering – Lumion – Cutting And Sound – Premiere pro

Techniques and materials

3D Animation

Size or Mins.

Size : 3840*2160 pixel


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