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Roots Modular

Roots Modular

Mr. David Schafer


By exploring the realm of medium scale production techniques numerous standard elements were reconsidered and redesigned in order to bring both short term performance benefits and long term amortization. With a slightly elevated investment in each component a more sustainable future is guaranteed; durability and flexibility invites adaptation.

A modular system of frames, beams, panels, surfaces and components can be selected and assembled on demand as each new deployment is resolved. Select locations may be configured as nimble, utilitarian hubs which may relocate as market demands shift. Other locations may focus on establishing a steady presence through placemaking and community building. All would share the same underlying system such that the brand and team can focus on what they do best, delivering a well crafted experience to their customers.

How can something special become increasingly accessible without losing the essential qualities that made it special in the first place? Can a brand grounded in authenticity scale up to reach a wider customer base without compromising quality and attention to detail? A previous client returned to get help with these questions and the proposed solution dives into a technical proposal; a hyper-flexible system driven by pure performance evolved into an unquestionable aesthetic that can dominate or recede as each deployment dictates.


Prototypes have been ongoing for the last 5 months and the
first deployment is in production for beta testing location at
Centralworld. For the symposium I propose to bring a final
version of the core module along with many of the prototypes
and tests.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To develop a modular cabinet and counter system to help with the quick deployment of a brand of coffee shops

Process or Methods

focus on metal fabrication and cabinetry production techniques ranging from CNC Punching, Laser cutting, production routing, tapping, and cold forming

Techniques and materials

Every component of this system has been custom designed and fabricated during the prototyping phase. Specific tools and systems were developed to allow for a scaling of production that can allow on-demand purchasing and mass-customization types of manufacturing.

Size or Mins.


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