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Mr. Teeranop Wangsillapakun


We have consulted our client to shape their Thai rice product brand named “Lukkit” that targeted to younger generations who are living and working in the city that need good quality rice to enjoy at home. The project starting from brand personality. Then we created the logo, identity system, and as well as the packaging for Lukkit Thai rice products. The concept of the logo represents the idea of family trees in a triangle composition that shows the relationship between farmers, rice farming, and rice field which eventually becomes “Lukkit” rice product.


Objectives Aims or Purposes

Most of Thai rice packaging in the market are bulky and quite heavy which is not suitable or comprehensive to all targets especially those who are living alone. Thus, some rice packaging products are not durable and the quality can turn bad easily. So we want to create a small but substantial portion packaging with variety of rice to choose from.

Process or Methods

We have suggested our clients to take the direction toward selecting the high-quality rice from various areas in Thailand which is not so popular to consumers. This way we can

Techniques and materials

Size or Mins.


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