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Happy to Live Like a Kid Again

Happy to Live Like a Kid Again

Mrs. Achara Narklada


 “Happiness” might be a thing that everyone can have. However, the current situation
forces us and the people around us to be distanced from happiness. A person who defines oneself as a happy person tends to get fewer health issues. He/she is also less likely to get ฃdepression and has a longer life span.

When we are tired or disheartened, it is undeniable that we sometimes miss our past and
would like to turn back time to be a kid once again. This is because our childhood life was so
beautiful, had the freedom to dream and were full of happiness, smiles, and laughter.

Even though we cannot turn back time to be a kid anymore, we can always reminisce
about our childhood and bring childhood happiness back to life. This is because each one of us has an inner child.


Old items when they have already been used, it would be thrown out as trash. However,
if we bring these used items and combined them with other suitable stuff, it can create artwork
that has beauty in another dimension. The point is when we create artworks we search for the
bright side and beautifulness of ourselves and our surroundings, especially from the
happiness in our childhood. We turn that positivity into energy to live the current life.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

1. To reminisce and review our childhood, and bring our childhood happiness back to
2. To create an artwork that demonstrates the aspect and feeling of happiness derived
from the freedom to dream and play.
3. To create artwork that values the promotion of happiness by finding the optimism and
beauty inside our life and things surrounding us.
4. To reduce waste by converting the items that are no longer in use into artwork. Less
waste, less burden to the earth.

Process or Methods

1. Select the items that are no longer in use or left over from work.
2. Arrange and match the items without modifying the items.
3. Avoid adding any new materials in the artwork unless it is necessary

Techniques and materials

1. Ready-made objects.
2. Composition and arrangement.

Size or Mins.

0.60 X 2.00 X 0.45 m.


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