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CUBE / Breaking Boundaries

CUBE / Breaking Boundaries

Mr.Tanoo Onudom


The geography of the world is constantly changing. As a result, the living environment has a chance to change from the original. Different species have the ability to survive in the midst of such changes. And most of them are inherited as beings in modern times. The
process of changing the genetic material of an organism’s population continues. The
changes that were made will not revert back to the way they were before. Changes that
continue for a long time until living things change their former characteristics. We do not see the change that is taking place. This is because the change occurs more than a person’s life expectancy. but can see the effect of such change We are now seeing more and more global changes from catastrophic events such as floods, global warming, melting polar ice, involving disruption to the current natural life, system, and balance. Many times throughout the world’s history have led to mass extinctions. Ice ages and changes in Earth’s space environment have led to their extinction. In addition, non-native species invading other territories have led to the extinction of other specific species that have Native to those regions many times But any extinction However, the cost is very high. And it will take years to regain full life again. It would be wise if we could live and progress without destroying our biosphere. extinction of many species These changing conditions had a devastating impact on the planet and on humans during its lifetime. It brings questions to human life in the past, present and future as to what human life on Earth should be. And

how many things that have been created by humans affect the change of the world?
It is estimated that the world population will reach 10 billion by 2050 within the same period. Climate change is expected to cause turbulence and, in some cases, irreversible ecological changes. in this future situation Growing populations will need more fresh water, food and energy. All of which are in danger due to climate change. These are the ‘global environmental challenges’ we face, including declining air quality. ocean acidification biodiversity loss and shortages of fresh water and food. We are crossing boundaries that cannot be returned to the equilibrium of the world. This word is used to denote the present moment. Many of the important geological conditions and processes have been greatly altered by human activity, the so-called ‘Anthropocene’. The Great Challenge is a key factor governing human well-being, a sustainable environment and the security of future generations. However, these challenges are highly interconnected and cannot be resolved separately. Therefore, we need a multidisciplinary-based framework and international cooperation that allows for rapid knowledge-based and policy-making.


The workflow of art, from data research to synthesis in semiotics. Until the production
process that finds a technique to present in accordance with the objectives of the work and
can be a medium in terms of content until achieving results in the production process. In the presentation, the interaction between the audience and the work in the luminescent reactions in the exhibition space is considered and perspective is given to interpretation. In designing presentations using educational techniques can support the intended objectives.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

The aim of creating this art series is to question the direction of development and realize impact on nature in the degradation and Is it a good and correct approach? As we continue to ignore changes in the environment that may return to balance as it used to be. Problems with global climate and greenhouse conditions All have been investigated and proven to be partially human. Use of unlimited resources from the world. The creation of this work requires people to recognize them and rethink their way of life on earth.

Process or Methods

The work process begins with researching the environment and its results. In which the
creation of work in the conceptual form is that the production process will select objects that
are related to metaphors to natural elements to modify the context by painting white on
objects to represent the action in many ways. Circumstances by human action until nature
has been destroyed.

In the selection of objects, they are separated into sections, packed into a cubic box,
representing the Earth’s essential constituents and representing the blockade of the
atmosphere. by after painting white on various objects It uses a self-luminous fluorescent
material, Strontium Aluminum is a material with good fluorescence quality. It is safe which

requires high luminescence and long life. It is a semi-permanent substance with no
damage. It is UV resistant. When testing the Sunshine Weather Meter for 2,000 hours (10
years equivalent), no damage was found. Photoluminescent agents have the property of
collecting light with a wavelength of 200-480nm. The wavelength range covers UV light, LED light. Photoluminescent is a substance that collects light in a bright place and emits light in the dark.

Techniques and materials

Picment Photoluminescent Painting / Mix Media / Specific Installations

Size or Mins.

Cube Size 30x30cm. / Units for Installation


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