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Ms. Podjanee Kakaew


What kind of person am I? The human, they have a variety of personality traits our selves are constantly changing and flowing depending on the time, situation and the people you meet each time. Sometimes we are being watched by others or we may be watching others that some characters and behaviors are the same as the characters playing one role and changing to another. Of course, behaviors that has a huge influence on us in our lives whether by myself or living with people in society although we know ourselves better than anyone else in the world but the picture is very clear must rely on the perspective that we see ourselves and other people’s views of our personality inevitably come together and in some of our habits Others may see more clearly than we see ourselves.

In this experimental motion graphics work the artist was inspired by performing.
The Chinese opera mask changing show which this show performer can switch between numerous masks in a fraction of a second rely on situation and mood of that moment. It reminds us of the diversity of our personality traits that change continuously according to time and situation.

From this inspiration, The creators refer to the personality traits of the characters in The Chinese opera mask changing show was combine and create works of art in the form of digital art using 3D modeling creation techniques and motion graphics to represent the picture
the change of character that keeps changing, which means diversity of human traits.


This work of art represents character changes that can indicate a variety of different character traits. By referring to the characters in the Chinese face mask which is compared to human habits that can change over time it’s like changing from one character to another by time, situation and person influence change. Sometimes we are unable to understand our true self what kind of person we are. Understanding and knowing yourself in its entirety may inevitably depend on others because sometimes our identity is reflected by what others see. and how we interact with others. when trying to look back at what other people think of us may allow us to see ourselves more clearly and able to live with oneself and the people in society more.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To represent the picture changing one character to another which indicates the diversity of human characteristics can change continuously which time, situation and person influence change by referring to the characters in the Chinese opera mask changing show through the techniques of creating is 3D modeling and motion graphics.

Process or Methods

1. Pre-production
Presentation with this picture the artist references the personality traits of the characters in the Chinese opera mask changing by image change each Chinese opera mask is constantly changing and use the clock movement pattern to change the character. Each the Chinese opera mask characteristics are divided according to the color used to draw patterns on the mask.Including characters with patterns and facial colors, The red Chinese opera mask represents courage, loyalty, honesty, strong and direct, black represents honest and arrogant but straightforward, valiant and courageous, blue represents tough frankly, but sometimes it may be used instead of trickery and stupid, green means Courageous, hot-tempered and angry, purple represents solemn, stable, upright and full of justice, yellow represents violent impatient and angered and white, mostly for crafty wicked betrayal and skeptical.

2. Production
Create 3D Modeling in Autodesk Maya 2018.
Create Texture ,Camera,Lighting and Rendering

3. Post- Production
Composite , Editing with Adobe After Effects CC 2017

Techniques and materials

– 3D Modeling / Autodesk Maya 2018
– Compositing / After Effect CC 2017

Size or Mins.


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