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Avant Garden

Avant Garden

Ms. Tonkao Nitasganjananon


When the Spring comes, the vivid flowers are blooming. They are cyclical that bring a sense of lifeaffirming. Still, life is unpredictable. It may bloom or fall without notice. It may occur good or bad to you. It cannot control.

At times, life itself seems to be a maze, as our journey along its tortuous pathways leads to wrong turns, dead ends, and an unknown destination. The contradiction and confusion in the mind are projected to the Avant Garden, the surreal vivid flower garden that brings to the depth of stage of mind inspired by a maze garden. It moves and shifts with chaos and order at the same time. They are vividly colorful that please your senses but seem surreal against the backdrop of fear and loss of uncertainty. Let’s walk and mesmerize the senses through Avant Garden, to feel the movement, colors, forms, and textures.


Inside the mind, there are full of fears. It may confuse us with hallucination and it seems to be no way out. But, we all have hope and embrace all the good and bad things. Like flowers, life still goes on.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

Avant Garden is the visual experiment that represents how we connect to the thing surrounding us. It is one of the Unclear Relationship series showcasing the relationship and connection from the outside to the inside of the mind.

Inspired by the maze garden, it represents confusion, the trap that confounds efforts to escape. The complex thought and mind reveal in the animated vivid visual of flowers. The flowers are positively symbolized our life. They are reminding us that we’re part of something bigger, nature. But the movement and composition of elements will lead you to the chaos and order vision.

Process or Methods

During this time of pandemic COVID19, one of the things to help maintain my spirit and keep me alive is plantation and Botanic. Through the process, I was stunned by the massive forms of flowers with their vivid color. The flowers are a powerful effect on the mood. The colors will trigger our emotions. With a variety of types and species, I create visual art by simply applying the mirror effect. Carefully placed animated images with the movement, colors, and transition to go along with the abstract sound that evokes the mood and feeling of mesmerized and mystery.

Techniques and materials

Technique: Visual Communication Design

Size or Mins.

Media: Video (1.21 mins)


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