Be Leaf


Be Leaf

Assist.Prof. Phanas Phokthavi


In digital age, everyone can be a media. Many types of information including fake news, exaggerated advertisement, etc.

almost obscure the identity of things that they mention.

Getting a lot of information easily causing us to reduce our efforts to touch the real thing.

If we have the opportunity to give time to touch the real things with our feeling, they will allow us to discover and get to know their identities more deeply.

In this experimental motion graphic, there are few rhythms that reveal the original image of the work.

But if we look at the covered layer for a long time, it may make us wonder what the original image really is.

A photo of a brown dry leave is used to represent the real thing, the original image of the work.

While the pixels and colors that change continuously represent extreme information that cover the real thing until the view of the real may change.


This experimental motion graphic intends the audience to have discretion in receiving information and find the identity of the real things more deeply by touch and feel. The brown dry leaf, implied to the real thing, is piled up with a lot of moving color pixels, implied to exaggerated information. If focusing only on the moving pixels, the real image of the leaf may not discovered.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

1. To have discretion in receiving information.
2. To motivate to find the identity of things.
3. To propose to give time to touch and feel the real things.
4. To imply the content with experimental motion graphic.

Process or Methods

1. Take photographs of a brown dry leaf to be the original image and put it as bottom layer.
2. Use digital technique to make pixel image to be a new layer and put it on the leaf layer.
3. Use digital technique to make pixel image move.
4. Use digital technique to make color movement.
5. Put background sound.
6. Put sound effects of nature to partially reveal hiding leaf.
7. Render as an experimental motion graphic and leave the interpretation opened.

Techniques and materials

– Digital photography
– Experimental motion graphic / After Effect

Size or Mins.

Film & Video 1 min video (1920×1080)


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