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Incident 2019

Mr.Anupong Suttaluk



Nature gives everything to humans, the qualities of social animal , such as love, friendship There is cooperation and the ability to learn causing humans to known how to create good things for the world. But at the same time, humans have a dark side that causes social turbulence, such as aggression, hatred, anger, greed, selfishness obsession of power, etc. exist in humans. Intelligence is one of the important qualities of humans. That can survive the extinction and humans also use intelligence to create things for their own benefit by burning the world’s limited natural resources, no animal species can be comparable. Humans are considered the most destroyers of the world than any other living thing . The behavior of humans using resources, the unknown nature of the word and continuously expanding the area in order to survive or respond to human desires, it is similar to the behavior of viruses that live in the world with humans. Because the virus needs to live in the cells of living things like humans, animals or plants to increase and invade into the cells of the organism to expand make normal cells become cells that are infected with a virus. Damage and resulting in infection and will continue to expand. This problem is related to environmental Problems, global warming, consumerism, capitalism as long as humans do not stop seizing, regardless of environmental loss and continue to break down their protective armor.

The outbreak of Covid-19 is a warning to us to realize that our behavior now has a repercussive reflection. The spread of disease from wildlife to humans at this time is the result of the “Hidden cost of human economic development.”

Techniques and materials

Mixed media   

Size or Mins.

400 cm. x 370 cm.

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