Thai Tastes

Mr. Akarapon Kritruenonwong



Many times we hear people in the design industry comparing themselves(?)to chefs. To illustrate the similarity, Thai food has wonderful smell, colors and tastes. The perfect combination of all elements are well balanced. It is admired by the people of the world. Starting from the market, choosing different ingredients and fresh products from each location. Each type of raw material has different preparation methods.Cooking has various techniques inherited in each recipe. However, forThai food, in addition to the delicious taste and the pleasing colours, there are many other benefits. Much like a well thought out design. If Thai designers learn how to design deliciously, Create designs that improve society and economy. Thai designers will receive praise from people around the world like Thai food.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To present the viewpoint on Thai design

Process or Methods

  1. Write the article presenting the viewpoint of Thai design.
  2. Create artwork that compare taste and color of Thai food.
  3. Design and develop complete artwork.
  4. Producing work for presentation.

Techniques and materials

Painting, Visual Communication Design, Illustration

Size or Mins.

60×120 cm.

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