Peace of Mind

Mrs. Achara Narklada



Old pieces that had been abandoned, in an old box, now were picked up to consider. Some of them were samples, some were prototypes of old projects, but some were only amiss pieces. These pieces of wood once were considered as worthless things for years after being used or even being the background of successful arts.

Picking up and touching them made me fell out of stress. Turbidities were crumbled. My brain felt relax. Happiness was occurred when both old and new pieces were joined together to become a set of new art pieces. Not only the processes of making them but also them navigated me to the meditation therapies.

Everything has its own value, as an unavoidable fact intervened in the art pieces. If we see though to the essence and put anything in such a context of supporting, worthy combination and harmony. These certainly initiate the latent values and metaphoric ideas.

The process of making art can cure and therapy be meditation, can be a way to that point and also can depict an idea that tell the metaphor of human value.

Techniques and materials


Size or Mins.

1.10 x 0.35 x 0.40 m.

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