Acculturation calligraphy Design: The Garuda praise of God and Prophets


Acculturation calligraphy Design: The Garuda praise of God and Prophets

Dr. Danu Phumalee


The Garuda Emblem, or the Thai National Emblem, is the symbol of Vishnu’s throne. Used as the royal authority of the king. Country ruler and avatar of Vishnu. Since the Ayutthaya period with the belief of the gods Inherited according to Brahmanism – Hinduism in the royal court as a king will be raised as a Demigod, which means Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva or Shiva.

The Garuda seal was used at the first time since the Ayutthaya period but was reused again in the reign of King Chulalongkorn since 1893, but has been used fully as a replacement for all original sign in 1910 B.E.

The Garuda emblem is used for affixing the name of the King or for the regent’s name, who sign for the King’s name In addition, it is also used as a symbol of various government offices of the Thai government. And used to print as a logo on the head of a book or various official documents and to be used as a seal in the official book of various government agencies.

The use of Garuda symbols in the Thai government can be divided into two types:
The floating foot Garuda symbol or “Garuda Dul” will be used only by the King, it will be used as the official emblem of the Royal Guards Department. And departments in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as used on the cover of Thai passport as for the standing Garuda, used in normal government books.


This design project is dedicated to showing respect to the king with localization concept. The main concern is how to design with non-conflicting and supporting religious doctrines and beliefs. This project can reflect of Thai – Muslim Ethnic identity.
The Secondary concern is this symbol can be applied to use for official Islamic Organization in Thailand.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

The King is the patronage of all religions in Thailand. Supporting all religions with the same status, he believed that all religions teach everyone to be good and create goodness. is to 3create a good society He has always supported Islamic activities in Thailand. with a deep understanding of the importance of religious principles.
The Garuda symbol was designed and usage by interpretation may conflicted with the doctrine of Islam. A feasible approach to use of the garuda symbol when it comes to Islamic was to reduce the implication of worship of a demigod by adding a non-conflicting and supporting religious doctrines and beliefs.

Process or Methods

The concept of design is writing Arabic typography in the same outline of the Garuda. In order from above is the name of God. Next is the name of the Prophet Muhammad. And finally, the names of the 4 leaders of the Islamic nation. In Arabic: الله ,َّمد ح َم , ُبكر أبو, عمر,
علي , عثمان
1. The Apex of the word is Allah.
2. Muhammad
3. Khalifah Abu-Bakr Umar, Usman and Ali

Techniques and materials

Created with Adobe illustrator cc./ Digital Illustration / Digital Printing

Size or Mins.

Graphic Design / Calligraphy / Visual Communication Design
Display on TV 43” and 15”x15” stand or table set can be customised as required (Vector file)


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